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Temporary oil fill cap replacement

What to use as a temporary oil fill cap replacement

Tape a soup can lid over the oil fill port and head to the dealer for a replacement

Use the metal lid from a soup can to tape over the oil fill port. image of a soup can lid to use as a temporary oil fill capThat’ll dramatically reduce oil splash. Then head to the dealer for a replacement oil fill cap. Don’t waste your time at an auto parts store (unless the dealer is closed) because they usually don’t have the right oil fill cap in stock and you don’t want a universal cap.

Don’t use saran wrap, tin foil, or a rubber glove

Blowby gasses are HOT and can easily melt saran wrap. Worse yet, there can be periods where the oil fill port is under vacuum that can suck the saran wrap, tin foil or rubber glove into the engine. Don’t do it!

glove on oil fill port

Do Not install a rubber glove on the oil fill port!

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