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TOPDON AD800BT Scan Tool Review

Rick’s TOPDON AD800BT Scan Tool Review

What is the Topdon AD800BT Scan tool?

The Topdon ArtiDiag800 BT is a high-end diagnostic tool for advanced DIYers. It’s equipped with AutoVIN feature that automatically pulls up the vehicle’s VIN. It pulls trouble codes from the vehicle’s ECUs, provides resets, reads and graphs live data. It also provides 16 maintenance service functions, but that depends on your particular vehicle, so get more information from the seller if you want to know if the tool will perform a particular function on your vehicle.

Use the tool to scan the Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, Immobilizer, Gateway, Steering, Radio, Air Conditioning, and more. Retrieve ECU Information; Read/Clear DTCs, and Display Live Data Stream.

Rick’s initial impression of the TOPDON AD800BT Scan Tool

The Topdon folks offered me a chance to review their TOPDON AD800BT Scan Tool, The AD800BT is a high end DIY scan tool in touchscreen tablet format. It comes with wireless Bluetooth vehicle connection interface (VCI) OBDII dongle that works from up to 33-feet away. The dongle self stores in the tablet.

NOTE: I was NOT paid to do this review and I never endorse products I don’t like. Unlike other review sites, I actually used this product on a vehicle and this review is based on that testing.

I charged it up, registered it and updated all the software modules over WiFi. That took a while, since it works with up to 96 vehicle brands. But you can choose the vehicle brand you’d like to update and that will save a lot of time.

topdon scan tool update screen
I’m used to working with an OTC Encore scanner, so this one required some getting used to. It starts up with an easy to understand home screen.

Then I fired it up. I’m used to working with an OTC Encore scanner, so this one required some getting used to. It starts up with an easy to understand home screen.Here’s what the home screen looks like

TOPDON AD800BT Scan Tool main screen

I hooked it up to my granddaughter’s 2008 Subaru Outback using the wireless Bluetooth dongle.
topdon VCI OBDII

The Outback has had recurring ABS and SRS lights over the winter and this was the time to dig in and see what was going on. For scanning, go directly to the SCAN features. If you’re trying to reset warning lights, use the Maintenance and Service feature

It started the scan

initial trouble code scan

Here’s what it found
initial code screen
OBDII trouble codes
airbag trouble code

wheel speed sensor code

So I ignored the battery codes and focused on the airbag and wheel speed sensor codes



Using the live data function on the Topdon AD800BT Scan tool

I wanted to see the data from the wheel speed sensors so I went into the live data for that code.

wheel speed sensor data

I didn’t want to shoot images while driving, so here’s what it look like when you first enter the wheel speed sensor live data screen. You can read actual data or graph it. Here’s more live data I captured while idling.

live data 2

live data

Other data and other ways to access data

I originally chose to do a full scan. But the tool allows you to pick just the ECU you want to poll for codes and data.

Here’s an example of the ECUs I could have chosen

OBD II test possibilities
If you look at this screen you’ll see an option to select Electronic Power Steering. This 2008 Subaru Outback has hydraulic steering so choosing that option wouldn’t get you any data. The tool’s screens are built with all the possible Subaru ECU, but the tool can’t determine if that ECU is on your vehicle until you try and access it. If you click on an ECU test and your vehicle doesn’t have that ECU, the test will show FAIL. I don’t see that as a big deal, but I can see how some DIYers might be confused. Just know that the tool has more capabilities than your particular vehicle has installed from the factory.

Here’s another example of data you can pull — readiness monitors

readiness monitors complete
readiness monitors

What else can it do?

The Topdon can perform 28+ Reset Services like Oil Reset, ABS Bleeding, Immobilizer, TPMS, DPF, etc. However, these reset features are not available on all makes and models. In other words, the tool has the capabilities to do resets, but your vehicle might not.

• This full system diagnostic scanner covers 96 car brands worldwide to diagnose systems
•  28 Maintenance Services: for most modern cars, and the car brand coverage is still growing in this scan tool.
•  One-Touch AutoVIN Technology: automatically identify the vehicle, and match the proper diagnostic software to run fast and precise car diagnostics.
•  One-Touch Software Update via Wi-Fi: to cover the most recent car makes and models.
•  Feedback Function: for timely online technical assistance.Click “FeedBack” to get quicker reply and get problems solved.
•  Repair Info: check car coverage list, training videos, detailed DTCs explanations.
•  Graphic Live Data Stream can be merged for easier comparison.
•  Free Lifetime Software Update

NOTE: The TOPDON ArtiDiag800 BT is NOT a bi-directional scan tool (NO Active Testing). I’m not surprised, because I’m not aware of any scan tools in this price range that offer bi-directional operation. If you want bi-direction operation, check out Topdon’s Phoenix Series tools

Does it have the exact function you need?

Got to Topdon’s Support page. Click on the Artipad tool and then enter your vehicle information and which system you’ll like to test. The chart will tell you what tests the tool can perform.

What’s included in the package?

TOPDON ArtiDiag800BT Diagnostic Tool;
VCI dongle;
Protective Case;
Power Adapter;
USB C Cable;
User Manual;
TOPDON auto scanners comes with 1-year warranty, 30-days return & replacement policy.

Rick recommends the TOPDON AD800BT Scan Tool

If you want a scan tool that gives you all the information you need to read codes, readiness monitors, see and graph live data, and perform maintenance resets, this tool does it all. Make sure you check out the exact tests it performs by using the Topdon support site

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