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Toyota Camry dies while driving — U0101

Diagnose and fix Toyota Camry dies while driving — U0101, U0100, and C1201

If you have Toyota Camry dies while driving — U0101 issue, here are some tips in troubleshooting. First, monitor the vehicle speedometer when this event occurs. If the speedometer stops working right before the Camry dies while driving, that helps with the diagnosis.

Check for trouble codes

If you find any of these trouble codes, that’s an indication of a problem somewhere in the vehicle’s digital network.

C1201    Engine control system malfunction signal continues for 2.5 seconds.
U0101   Lost Communication with TCM
U0100   Lost Communication with ECM / PCM “A”

Shops are finding that a shorted skid control module is

toyota skid control module

Toyota skid control module

the most common cause of these communication failures. The skid control module is really the vehicle’s ABS module attached to the ABS valve body and pump. With the vehicle off, try disconnecting the connector from the skid control module. At that point, you won’t have ABS brakes, but can still drive the vehicle. If the Toyota Camry dies while driving problem goes away, you’ve found the cause of the problem.

How to fix a Toyota Camry dies while driving issue

After you’ve narrowed down the problem to the skid control module, you have two choices; buy a new module or have yours rebuilt. Locate a module rebuilder like modulemasters.com and send your unit off to be rebuilt and programmed. Or, purchase a new module and take your vehicle to a local shop that can perform programming.

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