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Toyota Tacoma P2441 and P2445

Diagnose and fix Toyota Tacoma P2441 and P2445

If you have a Toyota Tacoma P2441 and P2445 trouble code, chances are you’ve got a broken, cracked or leaking vacuum line. Here’s some information on what the codes mean.
Toyota Tacoma P2441 that indicates the computer has detected a secondary air injection switching valve is stuck closed for bank 1. To learn more about secondary air; what it is and why you need it, see this post. There’s a pressure sensor in the valve that’s trying to detect the pulsation of exhaust gas when the valve is switched on by the ECM and the engine is running.

Toyota Tacoma P2445 indicates that the secondary air injection pump is stuck off on bank 1. The ECM determines this by looking at the air pressure sensor located in the air switching valve (ASV). If the pressure is less than 2.5 kPa when the ECM is commanding secondary air, the code will set.

Fix Toyota Tacoma P2441 and P2445

Check all the vacuum lines running to the ASV. Look for broken, cracked or disconnected vacuum lines and replace/repair as needed. Cracked lines can be repaired by cutting out the cracked section and rejoining with a barbed union (available at any auto parts store). If a vacuum line is cracked or broken, the sensor will get incorrect readings.

Next, check for battery voltage on the black wire at the air pump right after a cold start (secondary air doesn’t run on a hot restart). Next, check for battery voltage on the blue/red wire right after a cold start. Finally, compare the voltage readings on the pressure sensor grey wire with the engine running after a cold start and with the engine off.

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