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Trouble codes Chevrolet Malibu

Diagnose and fix multiple trouble codes Chevrolet Malibu

If you have trouble codes on a 2016-18 Chevrolet Malibu, this may be the fix for you. GM has done it again; routed a main wiring harness next to a sharp component (will they ever learn?). Shops are reporting multiple trouble codes: P0089, P0101, P0121, P0236, P0237, P0336, P0557, P057C, P0575, P057E, P0641, P0651, P0700, P1101, P15F6, P15FD, P16E4, P2227, P2230, P2544, P3051, U0014, U0073, U0101, U0121, U0140, U1814, U18A7 due to this wiring harness chaffing against the battery tray.

The wire chaffing issue is found on 2016-18 Chevrolet Mailbu with the 1.5L engine.

To correct the problem, fix any broken, shorted or chaffed wires.

woven polyester electrical tape

Anti-abrasive woven polyester electrical tape

Then wrap the entire area with multiple layers of polyester electrical tape (PET).

trouble codes malibu

Wire harness chaffing on battery tray Chevrolet Malibu




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