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VW P2015

Fix for VW P2015

A VW P2015 intake manifold runner position sensor range/performance Bank 1 is a very common problem on VW 2.0L engines in the Audi A3, Beetle, CC, Eos, GTI, Jetta, Passat and Tiguan.

P2015 Sender for Intake Manifold Flap Position/Air Flow Control, Implausible Signal

These engines have an intake manifold runner position flap that is controlled by vacuum operated regulator valve. The regulator valve is controlled by vacuum and moves the flap. Two problems show up in this system.

First, the vacuum lines and vacuum tee can accumulate debris and carbon, preventing air flow. Second, the regulator valve can become detached from the flap. VW has issued a service bulletin # 24 17 03 on this problem

Diagnose VW P2015

Inspect the linkage from the vacuum diaphragm connected to the intake runner flap. If it is broken, it must be replaced. Next, check the runner flap position sensor located on the side by the oil filter. Check the wiring for damage or corrosion. Check the black wire at pin #1 for a 5-volt reference signal. Check the brown wire for good ground. The green wire is the return signal to the ECM indicating flap position.

Check runner control solenoid

The solenoid pulses engine vacuum to the regulator valve to move the runner flap. Check for battery voltage on the blue/red wire with the engine running. The ECM provides ground on the lilac/red wire to activate the solenoid which then sends vacuum to the regulator valve to move the runner flap.

VW has issued a separate bulletin 01-08-32 to address problems with a sticking manifold runner.

If the voltages for the vacuum solenoid and position sensor check out and the linkage is good, check to make sure the regulator hasn’t disengaged from the flap.

In most cases, you’ll wind up replacing the entire intake manifold. Yeah, this sucks VW.

NOTE: If you perform a manifold replacement, you MUST replace the injector seals. These are Teflon seals and require a special tool to install. Improper installation or installation without the tool will damage the seals and cause an intake air leak that WILL cause a lean code

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