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Weak windshield washer spray Kia

What causes a windshield washer spray condition on a Kia?

A weak windshield washer spray on a Kia can be caused by a clogged spray nozzle, weak pump or a clogged windshield washer reservoir pump filter.

See this post on how to unclog a windshield washer nozzle

Test for fluid flow at windshield washer nozzle

Disconnect the tubing running from the windshield washer pump clogged windshield washerto the nozzle and activate your windshield washer. If you get a weak flow, you may have a bad pump. But shops are also finding clogged filter screens in front of the pump inlet.

Access the windshield washer fluid reservoir

You have may to remove the bumper or wheel well liner to access the reservoir. But you’ll have to do that anyway if this turns out to be a bad pump. Remove the pump from the reservoir and check the filter screen. If it’s plugged,

kia windshield washer

Kia windshield washer reservoir

you can buy a new screen from Kia for around $5.00

kia washer pump filter

Here are the part numbers:
Kia screen 98515-3E000 fits these vehicles:
2006 and up Rio
2007-09 Spectra
2006 and up Sorento
2010 and up Soul
2007-10 Rondo

Kia screen 98515-1F000 fits these vehicles:
2006 and up Sportage
2006 and up Sedona
2009 and up Forte

Kia screen 98515-1F000 fits these vehicles:
2006-10 Optima
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