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Why are EV tires more expensive?

EV tires are more expensive than tires for an ICE vehicle

Electric vehicles weigh more than conventional ICE vehicles due to the weight of the battery packs. In fact, an EV weighs about 10% more than a comparably sized ICE vehicle, which can wear out conventional tires almost 20% faster. That means the tires must be designed to handle a heavier load, and that requires more expensive raw materials like aramid fibers instead of steel.

If your EV came equipped with tires carrying the HL load rating, you must replace them with the same load rating.

EVs require lower rolling resistance to get maximum range from the battery

Low rolling resistance is important for fuel economy in all vehicles, but it’s even more critical in EV. Since air pressure directly affects rolling resistance, keeping EV tires properly inflated in all climates is even more important, since it affects battery range.

EV tires must handle more friction

The on-demand torque in an EV can be considerably higher than a comparably sized ICE vehicle. So the tires must be made from a stronger and more durable rubber to handle the increased friction. Tire manufacturers are turning to Aqua Pine compounds, that contain raw high-loading resins and silica extracted from conifer trees and vegetables.

In addition, tire makers have altered the tread and block designs to incorporate a more prominent center section to compensate for weight distribution and higher friction contact points with the road.

The tread pattern must also be more rigid to enhance low rolling resistance.

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