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Window initialization procedure – Ford

How to do a window initialization procedure – Ford

If you replace a front window motor or window regulator and the glass doesn’t travel the full distance, you may need to perform a learn window regulatoror initialization procedure. Many late model vehicles require a window initialization procedure to “learn” when the window is in the full up and full down position. If you don’t perform this procedure, the window won’t go up all the way. The procedure varies by car maker and even model, so you may want to check a shop manual for the exact procedure.

Window initialization procedure for Ford vehicles

1) Key in the OFF position
2) Open the left front or right front door
3) Turn key to ON position
4) Hold the window control button in the DOWN position until the window moves down and stalls. Continue holding for 2-secs. once it reaches the bottom of its travel. Then release the switch.
5) Wait at least 3-secs. before proceeding to the next step
6) Operate the window switch in the up position (without interruption) until the glass stalls at the top of the window. Hold for 2-secs. Then release the switch.
7) Verify the procedure worked. If not, repeat the procedure.

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