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Anti-rattle clip

What is an anti-rattle clip?

An anti-rattle clip, also called a brake abutment clip abutment clip

brake hardware abutment clip in brake caliper brakcet

Anti-rattle clip shown in land of brake caliper bracket


is used to prevent brake pad looseness and noise when mounted in a brake caliper or brake caliper bracket. The clip is usually made from a stainless steel material to prevent or reduce corrosion and provide a smooth

image showing brake caliper braket, brake pad clips and new boots

Apply brake grease to cleaned pad clip areas to reduce rust jacking. Then install brake pad clips and new boots

surface for the brake pad to move against. The clips may also have spring tension arms to keep constant pressure against the brake pad backing plate.

What goes wrong with an anti-rattle clip?

Over time and use, anti-rattle clips lose their tension due to normal brake heat/cooling cycles and fail to exert proper tension against the brake pad resulting in noise.

anti rattle clips

High heat degrades the spring tension of the anti-rattle clips and rust can cause the brake pad “ears” to bind

The clips can also lose their anti-corrosive properties and rust, causing the surface to rise, a phenomenon know as “rust jacking,” that can cause a brake pad to bind and wear unevenly.

When to replace anti-rattle clips?

The clips should be replaced any time the brake pads are replaced. They should not be reused. High quality brake pads often come with new anti-rattle clips in the package.

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