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Best rebuilt alternator brands

Who makes the best rebuilt alternators?

ACDelco rebuilt Alternators

All remanufactured alternators come with new 100% new brushes and bearing
Warranty: 24-month/unlimited-mile limited

BBB rebuilt alternators

BBB Industries’ remanufactured alternators meet or exceed OE standards because they’re built using processes similar to the way new units are made. Components are gauged, sorted, tested, and renewed to OE-quality specifications, and vital parts are replaced with new ones where need

Warranty Information: 3 years/36,000 miles

Bosch rebuilt Alternators

Bosch is a German multinational that has been involved in ACDelco 23119615 alternatorautomotive engineering for decades. They are known for high-quality and reliable new alternators that are widely used in both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket scenarios. Bosch Remanufactured Alternators have more new parts and are performance tested to ensure longer, more reliable operation with maximum performance.

Bosch rebuilt alternators include:

• Newly Plated pulley
• All fans straightened
• Voltage regulator 100% tested for voltage stability
• Rectifier assembly 100% tested
• Diodes 100% tested and replaced if required
• Rotor 100% performance-tested for maximum electrical output\
• Slip ring 100% new or re-machined to a tolerance of < .05mm run-out
• Brushes 100%
• Brush springs 100% new
• Stator 100% tested for insulation integrity and phase balance
• Bearings 100% new sealed/shielded with high load, high temperature grease, bearing seat 100% gauged and re-machined where required

Every Bosch rebuilt alternator is 100% full-load tested for OEM amperage and voltage output

Warranty Information: 24 Months Unlimited Mileage – Roadside Assistance Included

Denso Rebuilt Alternators

Remanufactured DENSO alternators go through a grueling process: Stators and rectifiers are tested to 300 volts, while rotors are submitted to 600 volts, all to ensure reliable performance. Rotor slip rings are buffed to an 8 micron surface finish, with run out limited to 20 microns, minimizing brush wear and abrasion. Bearings are validated to OE standards and loaded with premium OE-standard lubricants.

Warranty: twelve (12) months, unlimited miles

FVP alternators

FVP is a brand from Factory Motor Parts. FMP teams up with OE Suppliers to distribute aftermarket parts from nationally-known brands and our own product lines— FVP and SPLASH.

FVP alternators feature new brushes and bearings, pressure-fit high capacity diodes, precision polished slip-rings and 100% end-of-line testing.

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Pure Energy rebuilt alternators

Pure Energy Brand Alternators are rebuilt by Motorcar Parts of America. MPA is a remanufacturer, manufacturer and distributor of automotive aftermarket parts — including alternators, starters, wheel bearing and hub assemblies, brake master cylinders, brake power boosters and turbochargers utilized in imported and domestic passenger vehicles, light trucks and heavy-duty applications.

All bearings are replaced with 100% brand new premium bearings for increased durability, performance and long service life.
Rotors and stators are 100% electronically tested to ensure performance, then sealed with a protective insulation coating
Brushes are 100% new, lead free premium brushes for optimum performance and long service life.
Slip rings are precision polished for maximum contact resulting in consistent output performance and long service life.
Rectifiers are 100% electronically tested under variable loads to ensure consistent performance under all driving conditions.
Diodes 100% new press fit, high capacity diodes

Warranty: 12-months. Pure Energy Starters and Alternators come standard with complimentary roadside assistance available 24/7 in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Service includes a jump-start or tow for ONE (1) year from the date of purchase

Remy rebuilt alternators

The regulator, rectifier and diodes are 100 percentage computer controlled and tested
Brush and brush contact surfaces are 100 per cent machine polished
Bearings are 100 per cent high speed alternator grade
Copper windings are electrically tested for shorts, grounds and output capability
Final alternator test is 100 per cent computer controlled tested and mechanically gauged/inspected

Warranty: 1 yr/ unlimited mileage

WAI Global Alternators

WAI is a U.S. based company  that makes voltage regulators, rectifiers, solenoids, starter drives, 100% new alternators, starters and their components, 100% new ignition distributors, Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) and Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors, 100% new wiper motors, and Engine management components.

To find a WAI alternator for your vehicle, click here

and their own experience with different brands. Keep in mind that the “best” alternator for one person might not be the best for another due to differing needs and circumstances.

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