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Disk brake pad spreader tool

Lisle 2440, disk brake pad spreader, brake pads

Screw type piston retractor

Disk brake pad spreader tool

So you’ve compressed the caliper with a huge C-clamp and removed it from the bracket. Now what? You have to press the caliper piston back into the bore. Some guys use the same C-clamp, but that can be really awkward. These piston compression tools make the job a LOT easier. If you’re counting pennies, just buy the crank

disk brake pad spreader, Lisle 24400

For single piston calipers, just leave inboard pad in place. Insert tool and turn knob to push piston back into caliper bore

style. But if you really want to make life easier, buy the piston grip versions and just ratchet the pistons back in place.

For double piston calipers you can try leaving the pad in place and using a C-clamp. But if you’re not dead-on center with the clamp, you can cock the piston in the bore and possibly damage the piston or the bore. That’s why you should use a dual piston spreader tool like this

brake pad spreader tool

Slide the tool into the caliper and squeeze the trigger. The tool re-seats both pistons

push caliper piston into bore

If you don’t have floating calipers, you probably have four pistons. Then you need this toolpush caliper piston into borepush caliper piston into bore

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