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Exhaust resonator

Exhaust resonator purpose— what it does

A muffler reduces exhaust noise volume, but an exhaust resonator changes the sound of the exhaust. The resonator’s is mostly a hollow tube with a few baffles that cause it to act like “echo chamber” where the exhaust noise bounces off the sides, colliding with one another and cancelling out the highest pitched sound frequencies.

exhaust resonatorExhaust resonatorsExhaust resonators

Should you replace a resonator if it rusts out?

Yes. Any muffler shop can install a replacement resonator on your vehicle. It does not have to be a factory resonator.

What happens when you do a resonator delete?

In a performance vehicle, performing a resonator delete can slightly improve performance by improving exhaust flow and velocity. But this increase in velocity comes at the cost of re-introducing high frequency sound waves and noise.

The downside of performing a resonator delete is that it changes the airflow and velocity which also changes the exhaust scavenging in your engine. In some power ranges, that can actually decrease engine performance.

Faster exhaust flow is not always better. It depends on the engine and the valve design.

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