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Honda Accord Power Windows not working

Honda Accord Power Windows not working

Diagnose and fix Honda Accord Power Windows not working

Owners complain of a Honda Accord Power Windows not working where the driver’s power window works but none of the passenger windows.

In this setup, each of the passenger windows receives power from fuses 24, 25, and 26 in the under-dash fuse box. But those fuses must first be energized by the power window relay and that relay is operated when the master switch provides ground to the power window relay control coil. If the relay control coil doesn’t receive ground, the fuses will not be powered and the passenger windows won’t operate.

Check for ground on the master switch

1)  Remove the master switch from the door panel.

2) Check for good ground on the white/green wire. Leave the connector plugged into the master switch and use your meter to back probe the white/green wire for ground. If you see good ground at the master switch, check for control coil power and ground at the power window relay. If you see that, swap the relay and see if the passenger windows work.

3) If you don’t see ground on the white/green wire at the master switch, verify the main ground to the master switch on the black wire. If no ground, check the ground termination at G601 located under the driver’s seat. Clean and reinstall. Check continuity to the door switch.

4) If you see ground on the black wire, place a jumper from the black wire to the white/green wire while it’s connected to the master switch. If the passenger windows work, replace the master switch. It has an internal ground fault to the passenger windows.

Honda power window wiring diagram
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