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Honda CRV Rattle

Honda CR-V Rattle

If you have a Honda CRV rattle on an Element or CR-V, and the  noise is coming from the rear of the vehicle near the rear differential, chances are you’re looking at a worn Rear Differential Dynamic Damper. This component isolates vibration from the rear differential and prevents it from transferring to the body.

The Honda CRV Rattle noise happens when the rubber bushing wears out and the two parts contact each other making a metal-to-metal rattle.

Honda rear differential damper

Fix for noise

Replace the Rear Differential Dynamic Damper

Buy a replacement rear differential dynamic damper from Honda (part# 50716-S9A-000 $117.42 or Dormanproducts.com (part # 924-441 $50 from Amazon). Here’s where it is on the vehicle:

Honda rattle
How to replace the rear dampener

Remove the bolt from the damper. Swap in the new part

install rear damper
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