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Honda P0507 fast idle

Diagnose and fix Honda P0507 fast idle

Shop are reporting a high incidence of Honda P0507 fast idle or fluctuating idle condition when the vehicle battery is replaced or the throttle body has been replaced or cleaned. In addition, you may also find a P2279

P0507 Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected

P2279 intake air system leak

Cause of Honda P0507

The Honda P0507 fast idle issue can arise if you’ve cleaned the throttle body and removed carbon. The idle plate is now in a different position and changes idle speed. However, a P0507 can also be caused by a vacuum leak, so check the PCV valve and hose, EVAP canister purge valve, intake manifold gaskets and brake booster hose for leaks.

Honda idle relearn

Turn the IGN switch to ON

Reset the PCM

Start the engine. Hold the engine speed at 3,000 RPM (in park or neutral) until the radiator fan kicks on by itself or until the engine coolant reaches 194°.

Release the pedal and let the engine idle for 5 minutes with the throttle fully closed.

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