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Remove Honda Rotor Screws

How to remove Honda Rotor Screws

Honda uses special JIS B1012 Crosshead screws Honda rotor screwsto retain the brakes rotors snugly on the wheel hub during the factory assembly line process. They serve no other purpose but to temporarily hold the rotor at the factory. But when you need to replace the rotor, removing those same screws can be a nightmare. Nobody is going to go out and buy a special JIS B1012 Crosshead screwdriver and trying to do the job with just a Philips screwdriver and strip the head. I’ll give you some tips on how to remove Honda rotor screws without ruining your entire day or resorting to drilling.

Tools you need to remove Honda rotor screws

Ball peen hammer
Hand-held impact driver wrench
Rust penetrant like PB Blaster (NOT WD-40, tools to remove honda rotor screws
which is just a general lightweight lubricant a
nd not a very good rust penetrant)
Drift punch

Step 1 to remove Honda rotor screws

Saturate the screw heads with rust penetrant

Step 2 Break corrosion with vibration

Think of corrosion like glue. You want it to crack sot the rust penetrant can seep under the screw head and into the screw threads. The best way to crack the corrosion is with vibration. Use a drift punch slightly smaller than the screw head and smack the screw head repeatedly with the ball-peen hammer. The impact sets up vibrations that travel all the way down through the screw.

NOTE: When hitting a hardened drift punch, you must use a hardened hammer, like a ball-peen. Do not use a claw hammer! Also, wear eye protection.

Step 3 to remove Honda rotor screws

Use a handheld impact tool and the ball-peen hammer with a large Philips bit to rotate the screw.

Note: If the screw is still stuck after these steps, smack the area around the screw head repeatedly to spread the vibration around the entire area.

This method has never failed me and I have never had to drill out a Honda rotor scres.

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