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Honda P3400 P3497

Honda service bulletin 13-055 to fix P3400 or P3497

Honda has issued a service bulletin 13-055 to fix P3400 or P3497 and multiple misfire codes P0301 through P0304) on the vehicles listed below. P3400 and P3497 relate to rocker arm oil pressure switches B and C which measures oil pressure entering the variable cylinder management system (VCM). The VCM system disengages cylinders to improved MPG. On a six cylinder engine, the VCM system has three modes: All 6 cylinders operate normally, the VCM pauses cylinders 3 & 4, the VCM pauses all cylinders on the rear bank.

P0301 thru P0304 trouble codes refer to a misfire condition in cylinder 1-4
P3400 Rocker arm oil pressure switch B
P3497 Rocker arm oil pressure switch C

Vehicles affected by service bulletin 13-066

2013 Pilot 2WD – From VIN 5FNYF3…DB014058 thru 5FNYF3…DB025447
2013 Pilot 4WD – From VIN 5FNYF4…DB025128 thru 5FNYF4…DB048530

Cause of P3400 and P3497

Honda has determined that during a cold start on the

Oil pump relief valve spring

vehicles listed below, the engine oil pump outputs high oil pressure. The high oil pressure sets P3400 and P3497. The high oil pressure causes the VCM spool valves to activate, which then causes cylinders 1 through 4 to go into cylinder pause mode, even though the ECU did not command that action. The ECU then records cylinder misfires for those same cylinders because it is expecting to see a power contribution from them. The cause of the high oil pressure is a defective relieve valve spring in the oil pump.

Fix for P3400 and P3497

Obtain the following parts:
Relief Valve Spring: 15232-R70-A01
Drain Plug Washer (14 mm): 94109-14000
Pre-chamber Gasket: 18393-SDB-A00
Exhaust Pipe Gasket (2 required): 18212-SA7-003
Self-locking Nut (10 mm) (9 required) 90212-SA5-003

Steps to replace oil pump relieve valve spring

Drain oil from crankcase
Remove the front subframe stiffener
Remove the secondary oxygen sensor from exhaust pipe and remove the exhaust pipe
Remove the bracket from the rear catalytic converter
Remove the crankshaft postion snesor cover bolts and cover and disconnect the sensor
Remove the torque converter cover and four transmission bolts.
Remove the oil pan bolts and separate the oil pan from the engine block
Remove the oil pump sealing bolt, relief valve spring and the relief valve
Clean the oil pump sealing bolt and relief valve. Apply thread locker to the sealing bolt threads
Connect the new spring to the relief valve and the sealing bolt and reassemble into pump. Tighten the sealing bolt to 29 ft/lbs.
Clean and apply liquid gasket to the oil pan and install the oil pan. Torque oil pan bolts to 8.9 ft/lbs
Wait at least 30 after installing the oil pan before installing oil. DO NOT RUN THE ENGINE FOR AT LEAST THREE HOURS AFTER INSTALLING THE OIL PAN or you will damage the sealing compound and leak oil
Reinstall on the other removed parts.

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