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Hyundai P200A

Diagnose and fix Hyundai P200A trouble code

Shops are reporting a high number of Hyundai P200A trouble code instances. Hyundai has issued a service bulletin # 16-01-004-2 to address the issue on the 2.4 GDI equipped vehicles listed below. Here’s how to deal with the problem.

Hyundai service bulletin #16-01-004-2

Hyundai has issued a software update to deal with a Hyundai P200A (Intake Manifold Runner Performance – Bank 1) trouble code. In addition to the check engine light, you may also notice a slight hesitation or reduced power during acceleration, an automatic transmission upshift hesitation during acceleration, and a clicking noise from the intake manifold VCM (Variable Charge Motion) actuator when the engine RPM is increased.

On 2015 Hyundai model years you may also encounter a P0605 Engine Control Module – ROM Error with the electronic Stability Control (ESC) Warning Light ON and limited engine power (“Limp Home”) mode.

Vehicles affected by Hyundai service bulletin #16-01-004-2

2015-16 Hyundai Sonata vehicles with the 2.4L GDI engine

Fix Hyundai P200A

The service bulletin advises checking the variable charge motion activator (VCM) to determine if it’s working properly. To do Hyundai 28323_2GGA1 P200Athat, check the actuator sensor voltage on terminal 5 at the VCM connector with the engine running. As you raise and lower the RPM, the voltage should change from 1.8-volts to around 3-volts with no abnormal noises.

If the voltage doesn’t change, set your meter to measure pulse width. Then connect to the VCM terminal at the PCM terminal 1 (red) and terminal 3 (black). Raise and lower RPM and look for a change in pulse width. If you see a change in pulse width with no abnormal noises, the problem is with the VCM. Replace with updated Hyundai part #28323-2GGA1.

If you hear abnormal noise, replace the VCM.

Update the ECM software to the latest version.

Clear adaptive memory

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