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Hyundai transmission fluid

Approved Hyundai transmission fluid

Hyundai has issued a service bulletin #19-AT-006H to list the approved Hyundai transmission fluid for its vehicles. The Hyundai bulletin warns against the use of any other fluids, especially the addition of ATF or gear oil additives.  In addition, Hyundai does not approve of any “universal” all makes, all models transmission fluids. Given the temperature and viscosity ranges these transmission see, it is impossible to make a single universal all makes all models fluid that can satisfy Hyundai’s requirements.

Hyundai automatic transmission fluid for these older vehicles

1995-2011 Accent (X3/LC/MC) ATF SPII
2006-10 Azera (TG) ATF SPII
1992-2010 Elantra (J1/RD/XD/HD) ATF SPII
2009-12 Elantra Touring (FD) ATF SPII
2007-08 Entourage (EP) ATF SPII
2001-09 Santa Fe (SM/CM) ATF SPII
1994-2010 Sonata (Y2/Y3/EF/NF) ATF SPII
1998-2008 Tiburon (RC/GK) ATF SPII
2005-09 Tucson (JM) ATF SPII
2001- 05 XG 300/350 (XG) ATF SPII

Hyundai Automatic Transmission Fluid and DCT Gear Oil for newer vehicles

2012-17 Accent (RB)  ATF TYPE SP4-M
2018- Accent (HC) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2011 Azera (TG) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2012-17  Azera (HG) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2011-16  Elantra (MD/LID) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2013-14  Elantra Coupe (JK) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2013-14 Elantra GT (GD) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2018- Elantra GT (PD) 2.0L ATF TYPE SP4-M
2017- Elantra (AD/ADa) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2018- Kona (OS) 2.0L ATF TYPE SP4-M
2010-12  Santa Fe (CM) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2013-18  Santa Fe Soon (AN) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2013-19  Santa Fe (NC) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2019- Santa Fe (TM) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2011-14  Sonata (YF) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2015- Sonata (LF) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2011-15  Sonata Hybrid (YF HEV) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2016- Sonata Hybrid (LF HEV/PHEV) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2010-15  Tucson (LM) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2016- Tucson 2.0L (TL) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2013-15  Veloster Turbo (FS) 1.6L ATF TYPE SP4-M
2019- Veloster (JS) ATF TYPE SP4-M
2007-12  Veracruz (EN) TYPE JWS-3309 T-4
2009-11 Genesis Sedan (BH) 3.8L TYPE NWS-9638 T-5
2011 Equus (VI) 4.6L Shell 1375.4
2010-16 Genesis Coupe (BK) 3.8L Shell 1375.4
2009-11 Genesis Sedan (BH) 4.6L Shell 1375.4
2010-16 Genesis Coupe (BK) 2.0L RED-1 ATF
2012-16 Equus (VI) 5.0L ATF TYPE SP-IV-RR
2012-14 Genesis Sedan (BH) ATF TYPE SP-IV-RR
2015-16 Genesis Sedan (DH) ATF TYPE SP-IV-RR
2013-14 Genesis Coupe (BK) 2.0L ATF TYPE SP-IV-RR
2013-16 Genesis Coupe (BK) 3.8L ATF TYPE SP-IV-RR

Hyundai transmission fluid and DCT gear oil for dual-clutch Transaxle

2017- Elantra (ADa) 1.4L Turbo DCT GL-4 SAE 70W
2017- Elantra (AD) 1.6L Turbo DCT GL-4 SAE 70W
2018- Elantra GT (PD) 1.6L Turbo DCT GL-4 SAE 70W
2017- Ioniq (AE) 1.6L DCT HEV/PHEV GL-4 SAE 70W
2018- Kona (OS) 1.6L Turbo DCT GL-4 SAE 70W
2015- Sonata (LF) 1.6L Turbo DCT GL-4 SAE 70W
2016- Tucson (TL) 1.6T Turbo DCT GL-4 SAE 70W
2012- Veloster (FS) 1.6L DCT GL-4 SAE 75W/85
2015- Veloster (FS) 1.6L Turbo DCT GL-4 SAE 70W
2019- Veloster (JS) GL-4 SAE 70W

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