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Mazda throttle body relearn

Mazda throttle body relearn procedure

If you replace the battery or clean the electronic throttle body on a Mazda 2.5L engine, you must perform a Mazda throttle body relearn procedure to teach the computer a new “home” position. It’s not hard. Just follow these steps in exact order.

To do a Mazda throttle body relearn procedure

1.  Perform a hard PCM reset by disconnecting the battery cables from the battery and touching them together. This will drain the capacitors in the PCM to wipe out adaptive memory.

2. Reconnect the battery and turn the key on but do not start the engine. Immediately depress the throttle to the floor (wide open throttle) 3 times. This will set the TPS angle.

3. Start the engine with no loads on (no lights, blower, defroster, etc)  and allow it to come up to full operating temperature (wait for the radiator fans to come on.

4. Then add loads to the engine by turning on lights, AC, brake application, steering input, one at a time.

This will cause engine load and the throttle body will open to compensate for the increased load. The throttle body relearn is now done.

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