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Nissan P0615

Nissan P0615 common causes

A Nissan P0615 is defined as Start Signal Circuit. The starter circuit is looking for confirmation from the transmission control module (TCM) that the vehicle is in Park or Neutral and is not getting that confirmation.

Nissan starter relay wiring diagram

As you can see in the starter wiring diagram below, power runs from the fuse to the IGN switch. In START mode, power flows from the IGN switch to the Intelligent Power Distribution Module (IPDM) and the power feed to the starter relay.

Nissan P0615

As you initiate a starter sequence, the IPDM IGN switch inhibit circuitry determines whether the anti-theft system will allow starter operation. If so, the internal circuitry allows power to flow from the IGN Switch Inhibit the power feed of the starter relay control coil. The ground for the starter relay control coil is provided by the TCM only if the transmission is in PARK or NEUTRAL. If so, the starter relay control coil energizes, moving the contacts and providing power to the starter solenoid and starter motor.

Common causes of Nissan P0615

Shops are reporting faulty starter relay, bad IPDM modules, and melted wiring harness on the 3.3L engine on the passenger side near the exhaust.

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