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Oil filter size versus capacity

Oil filter size has nothing to do with capacity

A larger oil filter size does not mean it has greater filtration capacity

In the early days of oil filtration technology there were only a few different types of cellulose filtration papers. So a larger filter generally meant is could trap more particles. That’s no longer true

Modern oil filters can be made from over 80 different types of filter media

Based on the vast array of filtration media available these days, you really can’t judge a filter’s capacity by it’s size. In fact, a very small filter made with high efficiency filter media can capture more particles of a smaller size than a filter three times its size made with a different filter medial.

oil filter size has nothing to do with an oil filter’s efficiency

Oil filter size, the number of pleats, and the construction of the filter end caps have absolutely nothing to do with filter efficiency. Neither does filter brand. If you see an oil filter comparison study that compares filters by the overall size or number of pleats, it’s a bogus study.

Dirt holding capacity is about more than grams

Some oil filter companies list the total number of grams the filter can hold. But if you don’t know the filter’s micron size or it’s efficiency rating, grams is a meaningless number.

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