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P012B Ford F150

Diagnose and Fix P012B Ford F150

Trouble code P012B Ford F150 relates to Turbocharger/Supercharger Inlet Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance. The code sets when the manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) detects pressure outside an acceptable value. The book shows that P012B can be caused by a slow MAP sensor or a damaged MAP sensor. But it can also be caused by a a bad Turbocharger/Supercharger Inlet Pressure Sensor.

Diagnose P012B Ford F150

Start by unplugging connector C1667, which is the connector for the turbocharged intake pressure and temperature sensor. The connector is located in the left (driver’s side) front section of the underhood compartment.

Using a DVOM, check for the presence of a 5-volt reference signal and ground in the connector with the key in the ON position.

Ford F150 Turbo intake pressure and temperature sensor

The presence of both a 5-volt reference and ground confirms that the PCM, wiring harness and connector are in good shape. If you have both values, leave the connector unplugged and start the engine. You should not see trouble code P012C. If you see that result, you should suspect a bad Turbocharger Intake Pressure And Temperature (TCIPT) Sensor.

However, many Ford dealers are also replacing the Pigtail Kit Part Number WPT1232Turbocharger Intake Pressure And Temperature (TCIPT) Sensor connector pigtail as well. Ford part #Pigtail Kit Part Number WPT-1232, Service Part Number: BU2Z-14S411-ATA

Replace the sensor AND the connector

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