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Power seat trouble codes, B1770, B1850, B1960, B2375

Diagnose and fix power seat trouble codes Chevy Silverado

If you find a power seat trouble codes in your Chevy Silverado, this may be the post for you. Power seat trouble codes are Body (B) codes and are usually enhanced codes, meaning their number start at B1000 and up. Most often these enhanced codes can’t be read by a cheap code reader.

What are the power seat trouble codes?

B1770 – Seat Motor Overcurrent
B1850 – Seat Position Sensor Circuit
B1960 – Seat Position Sensor Circuit
B2375 – Seat Position Sensor Circuit.

The power seat uses a memory module to store selected seat positions. The module receives the position in formation from the seat position sensors as the driver operates the position switch.

How to diagnose power seat trouble codes

You’ll need a scan tool with live data to properly diagnose a

power seat trouble codes

Driver Seat Module

power seat trouble code. Start by checking the driver’s seat model (DSM) data to see whether it shows an “active” or inactive” state. The DSM will show active during power seat adjustment. At other times it should read “inactive.”

If the data from the DSM shows “active” when you’re not adjusting the seat, the problem can be either a shorted adjuster switch or a problem with the wiring harness or the DSM.

First, disconnect the seat adjustment switch to see if that changes the status. If the data still reads “active,” test the wiring harness for short to voltage or short to ground. If the wiring harness checks out, replace the DSM

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