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Replace brakes Ford Edge

How to replace brakes Ford Edge

If you found this article by searching Replace brakes Ford Edge, you’ve come to the right place. This article contains tips on how to replace brakes on a Ford Edge. I’ll give you tips on replacing the front brake pads on a Ford Edge and other tips for replacing the rear brake pads on a Ford Edge.

The Ford Edge brakes didn’t change much from model years 2007-2014. However, in 2008 ABS and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) became standard. So did the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

One thing to keep in mind is that the rotors on most new vehicles are pretty thin even when new. This includes the rotors on the Ford Edge. That means you probably won’t have enough metal left to do even one rotor resurfacing procedure. Just plan on buying new rotors if the old ones are scored or have runout or disc thickness variation greater than .0001”.

Front brakes Ford Edge

The front brakes on Ford Edge consist of a dual piston floating caliper,

replace brakes ford edge

Front brake caliper and abutment/bracket for Ford Edge

pads, noise reduction shims, a caliper abutment, and anti-rattle clips. Here are tips to replacing front brakes on a Ford Edge

  • Always install new anti-rattle clips. Old clips rust and lose their tension, causing the pads to vibrate and squeal. Clean all rust from under the rattle clips and coat the area with a very thin film of high temperature synthetic brake grease to prevent new rust from forming.

    brake caliper

    Hardware kit for front caliper Ford Edge. Kit contains anti-rattle clips and caliper pin boots.


  • Install new noise reduction shims with new brake pads.


  • The caliper pins are different sizes, so note their location when you remove them.


  • Replace caliper pins that have any sign of corrosion.
  • Lubricate caliper pins with high temperature synthetic brake grease before reinstalling, and install new caliper pin boots to keep out water and road salt. Tighten caliper pins to 65 ft/lbs.
  • You must remove the caliper abutment/bracket to remove the rotor. Torque the caliper abutment/bracket to 98 ft/lbs. when reinstalling. Note whether the bolts had a coating of thread locker and reapply a new coating if so equipped.
  • Clean the wheel hub before installing a new rotor. See this post CLEAN HUB

Rear brakes Ford Edge

The rear brakes on a Ford Edge consist of a single piston floating caliper, bracket,

rear brake caliper

Rear brake caliper Ford Edge with new pad slides

pads, noise reduction shims, and brake pad slides. The parking brake mechanism is a shoe and drum design that applies pressure to the inside of the rotor hat area.

  • Follow all of the tips above when replacing rear brake pads on a Ford Edge.
  • Torque rear caliper guide pins to 19 ft/lbs.

Adjust parking brake Ford Edge

The parking brake system must be adjusted in two locations; at the parking brake control and at the parking brake cable equalizer. Adjust the tension equally at both locations. Here’s how:

1) If you’re using the old cable, simply adjust the parking brake control so the stud protrudes 8-mm from the top of the nut. If you’ve replaced the cable, apply and release the cable at least 5-10 times to remove any cable slack prior to adjusting.

2) Adjust the equalizer adjustment nut so the stud protrudes 24-mm from the top of the nut.

3) Apply the parking brake cable three times to verify proper parking brake operation.

If you notice brake drag on Ford Edge

Customers sometimes complain that the vehicle exhibits a loss of power accompanied by a odor from the brakes. Shops report that a maladjusted or faulty brake pedal on/off switch may be preventing the brake pedal from returning to its full OFF position. To pinpoint the cause to the brake pedal switch, remove the switch and see if the pedal moves up slightly. Readjust the switch if possible, otherwise, replace with a new switch.

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