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Car fluid color chart

Car fluid color chart What the car fluid colors mean If you see a fluid leak under your vehicle, you can sometimes tell where the leak is coming from by the color of the fluid. Here’s a car fluid color chart Coolant colors — Coolant leaks are the most common Coolant colors vary by carmaker and model year. They range from the traditional green as a universal coolant, to blue for Honda, purple for some late model Chrysler products, orange for GM vehicles, Red or Pink for Toyota, Pink for … Read More

Check brake fluid — how to

How to check brake fluid The anti-corrosion additives in brake fluid degrade over time and brake fluid accumulates moisture. That’s why brake fluid must be changed at periodic intervals. Some carmakers recommend changing brake fluid every 2-years or every 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Yet other carmakers don’t list any brake fluid change intervals. Does brake fluid color matter? NO. Color, by itself, is NOT an indication of brake fluid condition. You’ll see all kinds of color charts on the Internet that show brown fluid as needing replacement. There are … Read More

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