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Brake vibrate or pulse

Why brakes vibrate or pulse when stopping “Warped rotors and brake pulsation Warped rotors and brake pulsation are caused by disc thickness variation (see this post on disc thickness variation) which is caused by lateral run-out. Sloppy installation is the root cause. If you don’t clean the wheel hub to remove rust buildup, the rotor won’t sit perfectly parallel with the wheel hub and that results in lateral run-out. Lateral run-out causes the rotor to wobble during braking and that causes uneven wear and brake friction buildup and THAT’s what … Read More

Brake pulsation — Saturn, Buick, Chevy, Pontiac

Brake pedal pulsates GM reports that owners of 2005-07 Relay, Buick Terraza, Chevy Uplander, and Pontiac Montana minivans may experience brake pulsation, even if they’ve had a brake job done recently. The problem has been traced to poorly designed dust shields that allow road debris to get thrown at the rotors. All that grit produces excessive and uneven rotor wear. The new dust shields are #19167950 for the left side, and #19167253 for the right side. Once you install the new shields, have the old rotors machined or replaced so … Read More

Pulsation from brake rotors on Chrysler minivan

Fix brake pedal pulsation on Chrysler minivans Chrysler has issued a TSB for the above vehicles describing the procedure for eliminating a pulsating brake pedal/steering wheel. It applies to model code RS equipped with disc/drum brakes (sales code BRB) built from 7-1-04 through 10-30-04. The problem is identified as warped rotors and CANNOT be fixed by machining the rotors. Chrysler recommends replacing the rotors with new ones. This procedure is covered by warranty if the vehicle is still within the warranty period.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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