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Engine coolant Temperature Sensor — What is an engine coolant temperature sensor?

What is an engine coolant temperature sensor? An engine coolant temperature sensor can be located near the engine thermostat or anywhere in the engine cooling system such as the cooling jacket, cylinder head or the radiator. Its job is to report the temperature of the engine. The engine coolant temperature sensor reports its findings directly to the powertrain control module or engine control module. The PCM/ECM uses the engine coolant temperature reading to calculate how much fuel to add to the incoming air. How does an engine coolant  temperature sensor … Read More

Test engine coolant temperature sensor

How to test a coolant temperature sensor A bad engine coolant temperature sensor can really screw up starting and performance. If you suspect the sensor isn’t working properly, you can test a coolant temperature sensor or simply replace it. It’s one of the few parts in your car that’s cheap enough that it’s often easier to just replace it rather than spend time testing it. If the coolant temperature sensor is off by a lot, it can prevent the engine from starting, make it run poorly and guzzle gas Where … Read More

P0125 Fix

P0125 Fix Insufficient Coolant Temperature For Closed Loop Fuel Control You need to determine whether the engine coolant temperature sensor is telling the truth and the engine really isn’t coming up to operating temperature, or whether the sensor is bad. Many DIYers rush to replace the sensor. And yes, they do go bad. But not nearly as often as the thermostat. So start your diagnostics by checking coolant level. If it’s low, fill it. Then, using an infra-red thermometer, check the temp around the thermostat housing. At operating temperature, it … Read More

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