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Change oil

When to change oil When to change oil in your car or truck isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact, it’s all right there in your owner’s manual maintenance guide. Those aren’t just lofty suggestions; the car makers really mean what they say. Forget about the advice you get from self proclaimed Internet “experts.” There’s no universal answer on oil change intervals. When to change oil is dependent on the year, make, model, engine, and your particular driving habits. If you’d like to know more about oil click on … Read More

Oil Filter Rip Off

Don’t get ripped off on an oil change Most new car manufacturers recommend synthetic oil and a new oil filter when it’s time to change your oil. That’s good advice. Synthetic oil increases oil flow on cold starts, reduces engine wear, and actually improves gas mileage (less friction means less wasted gas). The other big advantage to synthetic oil can increase the intervals between changes. Yes, it really does last longer. But in my recent survey of oil change facilities (conducted by phone to chain and independent shops) I discovered … Read More

Oil filter quality studies

Oil filter studies that slam Fram The online oil filter studies say that Fram is an inferior product. But the “studies” are a joke because the tests performed are irrelevant to oi filtration efficiency. UPDATE: As you read this rebuttal to the oil filter study, keep in mind that Fram was sold to Honeywell and then sold again to UCI-FRAM AutoBrands and is now owned by First Brands Group. First Brands owns Anco and Trico wiper blades, Centric and Raybestos brakes Airtex fuel pumps, Carter fuel componenst, Autolite spark plugs, … Read More

Best Oil filter

Who makes the best oil filter? Best oil filter brand and type If you’re here it’s because you’re looking for help in buying the best oil filter. Maybe you’ve already looked at a few oil filter reviews and “tear-down studies” already. But if you put any stock on those supposed studies, I’ve got some swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you. None of those “studies” are worth the paper or pixels they’re written on. They’re not at all scientific and the stats they measure are irrelevant—the number of pleats … Read More

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