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Toyota Rav 4 Won’t Accelerate with P2118

Diagnose and fix Toyota Rav 4 Won’t Accelerate with P2118

This post is to help you diagnose and fix a 2009 and up 2.5L 4-cyl Toyota Rav 4 won’t accelerate problem. In most cases you’ll also have a check engine light and a P2118 trouble code. The P2118 code is an enhanced code, which means it most likely can’t be read by a cheap scan tool or an auto parts store scan tool. If you’re using one of those tools and it shows no trouble code, don’t think this fix doesn’t apply.

P2118 Throttle Actuator Control Motor Current Performance

The electronic throttle in these vehicles gets power from a 10-Amp fuse ETCS located in the underhood fuse box on the driver’s side. This fuse and blow under certain conditions. When that happens, the engine will start, but because the throttle body motor isn’t getting power, your Rav 4 won’t accelerate.

What causes the throttle body fuse to blow?

A discharged battery, loose or corroded terminals in the fuse box or an electronic throttle body that’s drawing too much current. If you notice this symptom after having a discharged or dead battery, check the fuse and replace it if blow. The dead battery probably caused the fuse to blow. While there, check the fuse fit and look for signs of corrosion or overheating. If everything checks out and the new fuse allows your Rav 4 to accelerate, you should be good to go.

If a new fuse doesn’t help

Power from the 10-A ETCS fuse flows directly to the ECM, so get out your digital volt meter and backprobe the light green wire on the B connector at the ECM, pin 41. Check for battery voltage on that pin. If you don’t find battery voltage, check for an open in that wire.
If you have power on pin 41 then it’s time to replace the electronic throttle body. Make sure you use a new gasket

Then perform the throttle body relearn procedure shown here

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