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U1826 Sierra and GM trucks

U1826 Sierra and GM trucks

Diagnose and fix U1826 Sierra and GM trucks

U1826 Lost Communication with Multi-Axis Acceleration Sensor Module on Powertrain Expansion CAN Bus is a common trouble code on GM pickups and vans and GMC Sierra trucks

Shops are finding corrosion in the yaw rate sensor, damaged and pinched wiring behind the left kick panel, broken wires at the EBCM connector, and broken wires under the passenger seat.

Start by testing for 12 volts on the Dark Green wire in terminal 1 at the Yaw and Lateral Accelerometer Sensor. Then test for ground on the Black/White wire in terminal 6. Test for continuity between the Tan/White, and Light Green/Black wires on terminals 37 and 24 at the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM). Also test for short to ground on the tan/white and light green/black wires. Finally, check terminal integrity at the yaw and lateral accelerometer sensor.
1 0.5 BK/WH 2751 Low Referenceyaw rate sensor
2 0.5 L-GN/BK 6432 CAN Bus Low Serial Data
3 0.5 TN/WH 6433 CAN Bus High Serial Data
4 0.5 D-GN 2087 12-Volt Reference

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