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What type of thread locker to use

Four types of thread lockers

Which thread locker should you use?

Thread lockers are available in a variety of strengths, colors, and grades based on the strength of the desired bond and wicking properties: Here are the four main types:

Low strength thread locker

Low strength thread locker provides low strength bonds so the nut/bolt can be disassembled using just hand tools. Use low strength thread locker when you want extra assurance that the fastener will hold but must be routinely disassembled

Medium strength thread locker

Use medium strength thread locker when the fastener must not come apart, performs a critical task, but might require disassembly at some point in the future. Disassembly of medium strength thread locker might require power tools. for critical joints that may only rarely need disassembly

High strength thread lockers

Use high strength thread locker when you need a permanent bond, where you don’t anticipate future disassembly. High-strength thread locker disassembly will require a combination of heat and power tools.

Wicking thread lockers

Wicking thread lockers can be used to secure fasteners that are already assembled. So you can use wicking thread lockers to retrofit an already assembled fastener

How thread lockers cure

Thread locker products are anaerobic, which means they cure in the absence of oxygen at room temperature. In addition to locking the fasteners, thread locker products also seal the threads against leaks and contamination from outside materials. Thread lockers can actually prevent corrosion by keeping fluids out of the threads and providing a barrier against galvanic corrosion.

Permatex thread locker

Permatex is one of the major suppliers of thread locker and is most available at auto parts stores, big box store,s and online sources.

Permatex High Strength Removable Threadlocker ORANGE GEL

Permatex High Strength Removable Threadlocker permatex orange thread lockerORANGE GEL is a hybrid formula that combines the strength of Threadlocker RED with the removability of  Threadlocker BLUE. Threadlocker ORANGE GEL is ideal for modern-day engine bays with many lightweight components and high vibration applications. Unlike traditional Threadlocker RED, Threadlocker ORANGE GEL can be removed with hand tools when extra force is applied.

Permatex High Strength Thread locker RED Gel

High strength thread locker for heavy-duty applications 3/8 inch to 1 inch permatex red thread locker(10mm to 25mm). Especially well-suited for permanently locking studs and press fits. Adds 3,000 PSI holding power on slip and press fit assemblies. Replaces set screws and snap rings. Locks against vibration loosening. May require heat or special tools for removal.

Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker BLUE Gel

Ideal for all nut and bolt applications 1/4″ to 3/4″ (6mm to 20mm). Locks and seals while preventing parts loosening due to vibration. Protects threads from corrosion. Removable with hand tools for easy disassembly.permatex blue thread locker

Permatex Low Strength Threadlocker PURPLE

Low strength thread locker designed for fasteners under 1/4″ (6mm) that require occasional adjustment. Removable with hand tools for easy disassembly.

permatex purple thread locker

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