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Ford P0480 and overheating – Bad fan relay or bad fan motor

Most common cause of Ford Focus P0480 and overheating

A faulty engine cooling fan module can cause a Ford Focus P0480 and overheating at idle, but cool fine at highway speeds. Even though the cooling fan isn’t working properly, the ram air from highway driving is enough to prevent overheatin.

Test for power and ground to the engine cooling fan module

1) Remove the cooling fan relay. With the key in the RUN position, check for battery power to terminal 1 in the relay socket (power to the relay control coil from fuse 32).
2)Next, check for battery power on terminal 3 in the socket from Mega 8 fuse
3)If you get good readings in the relay socket, reinstall the relay and check for those same voltages in the connector to the cooling fan module. Power on Pin 1 and ground on pin 2 in the connector.

Ford focus cooling fan wiring diagram

Ford focus cooling fan wiring diagram

If you have a bi-directional scan tool, command the cooling fans to come on. If you don’t have a scan tool, run the engine at idle until it begins overheating. If the fan doesn’t come on. Check for power and ground to the fan motor. If there’s no power/ground, the module is bad. If there is power and ground, the motor is bad.

ford focus cooling fan module

Ford Focus cooling fan module

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