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Where to get replacement PCM, ECM, or module

Can you swap in a used PCM, ECM, or module from a junkyard?

The short answer is NO, you cannot swap in a used PCM, ECM or module from a junkyard. Even if the part number on the used PCM, ECM or module is exactly the same, that doesn’t mean it’s programmed properly. On most late model cars and trucks, the PCM, ECM, or module MUST be programmed to your vehicle’s VIN code and build code. Don’t believe me? Read this scary Technical Service Bulletin from GM:

GM PIP4670E Service Bulletin

GM and other manufacturers have issued service bulletins warning of the problems associated with swapping in used PCM, ECM and modules that aren’t specifically programmed to your VIN code and build code.

Here’s a recent service bulletin from GM discussing how swapping in a PCM, BCM, EBCM, SDM TCM ECC, EPC, HPCM or Instrument cluster from another vehicles without first programming it to your VIN can DAMAGE BOTH CONTROLLERS!!!

“The Global Architecture electrical system associated with these vehicles does not allow controller swaps between vehicles.

Swapping ECMs or other modules (including Radio, BCM, EBCM, SDM, TCM, ECC (HVAC), EPS, HPCM, & IPC) between two vehicles with the Global Architecture electrical system will result in damaging both controllers (A NO START CONDITION WILL OCCUR ON BOTH VEHICLES IF THESE MODULES ARE SWAPPED) due to the new vehicle security code protocol (environment) starting with the 2010 MY GDS applications.

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.”

GM PIP4670E Service Bulletin dated Feb 2, 2018

The bulletin Applies to these GM vehicles:
Buick Encore 2013-2018
Buick LaCrosse 2010-2018
Buick Regal 2011-2018
Buick Verano 2012-2018
Cadillac ATS 2013-2018
Cadillac CTS 2014-2018
Cadillac ELR 2014-2018
Cadillac Escalade 2015-2018
Cadillac SRX 2010-2018
Cadillac XTS 2013-2018
Cadillac XT5 2017-2018
Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2018
Chevrolet Caprice PPV 2014-2018
Chevrolet Colorado 2015-2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2014-2018
Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2018
Chevrolet Equinox 2010-2018
Chevrolet Impala 2014-2018
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2014
Chevrolet Silverado 2015-2018
Chevrolet Sonic 2012-2018
Chevrolet Spark 2013-2018
Chevrolet Spark BEV 2014-2018
Chevrolet SS 2014-2018
Chevrolet Suburban 2015-2018
Chevrolet Tahoe 2015-2018
Chevrolet Traverse 2018
Chevrolet Trax 2013-2018
Chevrolet Volt 2012-2018
GMC Acadia 2017-2018
GMC Canyon 2015-2018
GMC Sierra 1500 2014
GMC Sierra 2015-2018
GMC Terrain 2010-2018
GMC Yukon 2015-2018

Where to get a replacement PCM, ECM, or module?

Rather than shop at a junkyard where you’ll still have to pay a shop to

body control module

Body Control Module

program it to your VIN and build code, instead shop at a rebuilder. You’ll get a rebuilt unit with a warranty and it’ll be programmed to your VIN and Build code. You may still have to pay to get the anti-theft portion programmed, but at least you won’t damage the other modules in the system.

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