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P0405 EGR code on Chrysler Products

P0405 EGR code on Chrysler Products

Many Chrysler products use EGR transducer to detect the actual movement of the EGR valve. The computer commands the EGR valve to open a certain amount. Then, the transducer measures exactly how far the valve actually opened. This transducer sensor has a very high failure rate. In most cases a P0405 EGR Sensor A Circuit Low is caused by a bad sensor. There are two way to go about this fix. You can buy a new EGR valve with sensor, or you can buy just the transducer. Buying just the transducer will save you money. Unfortunately, not many parts stores carry them. But you can give it a shot. First go here to find the transducer part number. Then call the parts store to see if they stock it. If not, go here to buy the entire EGR valve.

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