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Car heater not working in Dodge or Chrysler

Fix Dodge or Chrysler minivan car heater not working problem

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin #24-001-16 dated 1-9-16 to address an issue with car heater not working in Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country vehicles. Models affected are listed below.

2011-2014 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country vehicles built before January 13, 2014 and equipped with dual zone temperature control.

Car heater not working symptoms

Dodge caravan heater blows cold air, Dodge caravan heater blows warm air

Chrysler Town and Country blows cold air, Chrysler Town and Country heater blows warm air, or

The heater blows cold air intermittently regardless of the temperature setting.

Potential causes

In many cases this type of problem can be caused by a faulty HVAC control head or intermittent blend door actuator or low coolant. Check coolant levels before proceeding with any repairs.

However, before you attempt to diagnose and test the individual components, it’s far more likely that your vehicle has defective software. Chrysler has issued this service bulletin to advise dealer to flash upgrade the HVAC software as a first attempt to correct the issue of intermittent cold air or blowing warm air regardless of the temperature setting.

dodge caravan blows cold air

Service bulletin fix and car heater not working repair cost

Chrysler lists the reflash time at 0.2 hrs. However, the bulletin recommends a full scan prior to performing the reflash, so you can expect to pay the shop’s normal diagnostic fee plus a reflash fee. Since the reflash takes so little time, the repair cost should be under $200.

You can have this repaired at the dealer or any independent repair shop that has reflash capabilities.

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