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Clean a MAF sensor

How to clean a MAF sensor

They say it can’t be done. But at $300 a pop for a new MAF sensor, you’ve got only $6 to lose. Any DIYer can clean a MAF sensor. Just pick up a can of CRC MAF sensor cleaner.

Where is the MAF sensor located

The MAF sensor is located between the air filter and the throttle body.

image showing location of MAF sensor
Disconnect the sensor from the air duct

Image showing MAF sensor
Then disconnect the electrical connector
showing how to disconnect MAF sensor connectorLocate the sensor element

MAF sensor elemant Locate the small circular opening inside the  sensor.
Aim the stray at the MAF sensor element and soak the element with the cleaner. Allow the element to air dry. Do not touch the element with a rag or Q-tip. It is very delicate and can break easily

CRC MaF sensor cleaner

CRC MAF Sensor cleaner



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