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Great socket organizer system

Socket organizer system from Ernst Manufacturing

I found this neat system at SEEMA 2022. Most socket rails are either spring clips or magnets. But the SocketBoss is different. Just twist the socket to lock it to the rail and untwist to remove the socket. They mount drive-end down.

socketboss socket organizerBuy the socket rails individually or in a set with a tray. To remove a rail from a tray, just push a button and it unlocks. Choose from Blue, Red or Yellow

• 15 locking clips per rail
• Move the clips along the rail to accommodate any socket set
• Sockets are secure – even when turned upside down! Much better than magnetic holders!
• Instantly recognize sockets with labels in front of each socket

Buy the socket rails individually or in a set. Choose from Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, or Orange. The sets include clips to hold your ratchets.

socketboss socket rail set

One of the best new tools I saw at SEEMA Show 2022.

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