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Hyundai OBD2 codes

Hyundai OBD2 codes

Each manufacturer is allowed to generate its own “manufacturer-specific” P codes. Manufacturer-specific P codes start with P1000. If your trouble Hyundai code starts with P1XXX, find the Hyundai OBD2 codes here.

P1100    Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Malfunction (Open/Short)
P1102    Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Malfunction – Low Voltage
P1103    Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Malfunction – High Voltage
P1147    ETS Sub Accel Position Sensor 1 Malfunction
P1151    ETS Main Accel Position Sensor 2 Malfunction
P1155    ETS Limp Home Valve
P1159    Variable Intake Motor Malfunction
P1171    Electronic Throttle System Open
P1172    Electronic Throttle System Motor Current
P1173    Electronic Throttle System Rationality Malfunction
P1174    Electronic Throttle System #1 Close Malfunction
P1175    Electronic Throttle System #2 Close Malfunction
P1176    ETS Motor Open/Short #1
P1176    ETS Motor Open/Short #2
P1178    ETS Motor Battery Voltage Open
P1330    Spark Timing Adjust Malfunction
P1521    Power Steering Switch Malfunction
P1607    Electronic Throttle System Communication Error
P1614    Electronic Throttle System Module Malfunction
P1632    Traction Control System Malfunction

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