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Hyundai parking brake bedding procedure

Hyundai Parking Brake — electronic parking brake operation

Hyundai electronic parking brake has two modes

Hyundai Static Braking Mode

In static mode the electronic parking hyundai electronic parking brake bedding procedurebrake is used to hold the vehicle when parked. It is activated whether or not your foot is on the brake pedal.

To activate, pull the electronic parking brake (EPB) switch up when vehicle speed is less than 2-MPH.

To deactivate, push the EPB switch down with the IGN switch on and the brake pedal applied.

Dynamic Braking Function

The Hyundai EPB can also be used in Dynamic Braking Function (DBF) mode. In other words, the EPB can be applied while the vehicle is moving to slow the vehicle down. This function can be used, for example, if an object is wedged under the brake pedal or if there’s an hydraulic line failure.

Dynamic will be activated if the vehicle is moving faster than 2-mph and the driver pushes down on the EPB switch. This emergency braking operates only if  the vehicle speed is faster than 3kph and the EPB switch is pulled. Emergency brake stops the driver releases the EPB switch.

If the ESP system detects an abnormal condition, it operates the EPB for reduction of speed.

When installing new parking brake shoes, you must perform a Hyundai parking brake bedding procedure

Hyundai Electronic Parking Brake Bedding Mode Procedure

After replacing the parking brake shoes and rotor, perform the following bedding procedure
(1) Turn the IGNTION switch to ON and start the engine.
(2) Apply the brake pedal 2 times within 10 seconds. Continue to hold the brake pedal in the full applied position while you perform step #3.
(3) Pull the EPB switch up 4 times, followed by 3 release applications within 10 seconds.
(4) The new parking brake shoes linings must be bedded-in by performing the following procedure 6 times:

Drive the vehicle at 18 to 22-MPH and activate the EPB switch to bring the vehicle to a full stop.  NOTE: The EPB will automatically release if vehicle speed exceeds 30-MPH.

Allow the brakes to cool after each of the 6 EPB  applications. (Drive .3 miles between applications to cool the brakes or let the brakes cool for 1 minute after each application).

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