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JIffy Lube Conducts Owner Survey

Jiffy Lube Survey Results

Jiffy Lube conducted a survey of 2,000 American vehicle owners regarding maintenance and repair behavior. Here are the results:

1 of 7 owners knowingly drive around with a potentially serious problem in his or her vehicle.

2 of 5 owners say it’s just a matter of time before their car or truck breaks down.

The typical owner cites 3 problems with the vehicle, such as a rattle, a leak, squeaky brakes or a cracked

When the check-engine light comes on, nearly one-third of owners say they ignore it for a month or  more before taking their vehicle to the shop.

1 in 5 owners say they don’t know how to fix a flat tire or jump-start their vehicle.

One-third of owners hadn’t had their brakes checked by a service technician in more than 6 months.

Source: Automotive News Fixed Ops Journal, August, 2019 Page 35

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