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P1457 Honda

P1457 Honda diagnose and fix

The P1457 Honda trouble code refers to a leak in the evaporative emissions system on the charcoal canister side of the system. Honda has issued a service bulletin #08-016 to address the P1457 Honda trouble code on the vehicles listed below. Honda has determined that the most likely cause is a blocked or restricted EVAP solenoid fuel vent valve.

Vehicles affected by Honda service bulletin #08-016 and P1457 Honda trouble code

2001–05 Civic 2/4-Door – ALL
2002–05 Civic 3-Door – ALL
2003–05 Civic Hybrid ULEV – ALL
2002–04 CR-V – ALL

Diagnose P1457 Honda

The canister vent shut valve is located on the side of the charcoal canister. The bypass solenoid is under a cover next to the canister. The solenoids are powered by a black/orange wire. With the key in the ON position, check for battery voltage on black/orange wires to both solenoids.

To operate the solenoids, the ECM grounds the second wire to each solenoid. With the key still in the ON position, provide a ground to the green/red wire on the canister vent shut valve and check that it actually operates and holds vacuum using a handheld vacuum pump.  Then remove the ground and check that it allows airflow.

Next, perform the same test on the blue/red wire on the bypass solenoid. If the solenoid fails to operate and either open or close, replace the solenoid.If the system still sets a code after solenoid replacement, conduct an EVAP simulation test.

P1457 Honda evap system diagram

EVAP simulation test procedure

Ground the canister vent shut valve and the bypass solenoid at the same time. Attach digital multimeter leads to the fuel tank pressure switch (FTP) green wire. Clamp off the hose from the 2-way valve to the fuel tank.Then start the vehicle. The fuel tank pressure sensor should built voltage to indicate a vacuum is being drawn on the fuel system. Continue the test until the fuel tank pressure sensor reads 1 to 1.5 volts. Then disconnect the grounds. If the voltage increases, check for a leak in the EVAP system. FTP voltage is 2.5 volts when there’s no vacuum or pressure in the system.

If you have a bi-directional scan tool, you can command valve operation from the tool

Parts for Honda P1457

Honda service bulletin #08-016 lists updated replacement parts:

EVAP Solenoid Valve (Fuel Vent Module) Kit:
Civic – #06172-S5A-305, H/C 8808198 (Includes valve, fuel vent tubes A and B, pressure
sensor tubes A and B, and 3-way joint)

CR-V – #06172-S9A-305, H/C 8808206 (Includes valve, fuel vent tubes A, B, C, and D,
pressure sensor tubes B and C, vacuum chamber, 3-way joint, 2 tube clips, and wire clip)
Fuel Tank Unit Locknut and Base Gasket:

Civic VINs beginning with 1HG or JHM – #17046-S5A-A00, H/C 7447006
Civic VINs beginning with 2HG or SHH – #17046-S0X-A30, H/C 7647555
CR-V – #17046-S9A-A00, H/C 7758469 Fuel Feed Retainer:

All models – #17711-S84-004, H/C 5433545 Fuel Pulsation Damper Washer:
CR-V only – #16705-PD1-003, H/C 1855675 Propeller Shaft Bolts (eight required):
CR-V 4WD only – #90113-S10-000, H/C 5333125

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