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Prestone antifreeze and coolant

Prestone antifreeze and coolant — all makes and models or not?

Prestone makes a “universal” antifreeze coolant and markets it as being compatible with all makes and models. Not a single carmaker approves of using this coolant in their engines.

prestone all makes all models

In fact, each carmaker specifies a specific coolant for an engine family and model years. If there’s no single coolant for every engine of every brand, then how can Prestone claim a single coolant that works in all makes and models?

Coolant is ethylene glycol and an additive package

Approximately 95% of pre-mixed coolant is a 50/50 mix of water and ethylene glycol. The remaining 5% is a combination of anit-corrosion and anti-electrolysis agents, water pump lubricants and anti-foaming agents.

Each carmaker knows which metals are in their engines and cooling systems as well as the types of plastics and rubber seals. So they know which additives are compatible.

If a single all makes all models coolant actually works, why does Prestone make all these additional coolants?

prestone all makes all models

Which antifreeze should you use?

Carmakers aren’t stupid. They put a lot of engineering into determining exactly which coolant works best to cool the engine and prevent corrosion. In addition, coolant is cheap compared to possible corrosion, seal or gasket damage. In other words, it makes no sense to use a “universal” product that no manufacturer approves of, when you can buy the correct coolant for about the same price.

Prestone is a good brand

I’m not trying to disparage the Prestone coolant brand, only that I think it makes no sense to use a universal product when you can buy the exact formula for about the same price.

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