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Repair melted headlight connector

Melted headlight connector

In an attempt to cut costs, many carmakers have resorted

Melted headlight electrical connectors

Melted low beam headlight connectors

to undersizing the wiring to headlights. This is causing widespread problems in the auto repair industry with melted headlight connectors due to the undersized wiring. The wiring overheats because it’s too small for the current load and the heat causes the plastic connector to melt.

In addition, corrosion on the terminals causes high resistance with can also increase heat to the point where you wind up with melted headlight connectors.

Fix for melted headlight connector

There is no way to fix the melted connector. It must be replaced with a new one. The replacement part is called a pigtail and they’re available at any auto parts store. Just ask for a new headlight pigtail connector for your particular vehicle. You’ll also need a crimping tool, crimp connectors, wire cutter/stripper and heat shrinkable tubing.

melted headlight connector

Install new headlight connector

The wire colors on the replacement headlight connector may or may not match the colors on your current connector, but that doesn’t matter. Just match the wire going to each terminal. Cut off the old connector. Then strip away about ½” insulation from the new pigtail and old wires. Slide the heat shrinkable tubing onto either the new pigtail or old wiring before you crimp the new connector. After the crimp is complete, slide the tubing over the splice and warm with a heat gun or lighter to shrink the tubing. For more information on making the splice, see this post

Add ceramic extenders for added protection

Standard makes ceramic plug-in extenders that snap onto the headlight and can withstand more heat than the standard pigtail. Check them out here.

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