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Rick reviews the Topdon TB6000PRO battery charging system tester and charger

Topdon TB6000PRO battery charging system tester and charger review

The Topdon TB6000PRO is an affordable tool for testing your battery and charging system as well as charging your battery. It is incredibly easy to use, especially with their Bluetooth app; it’s a screen generated step by step process.

What the Topdon TB6000PRO tests

Battery condition

The battery tester feature tests the condition of your battery by testing:

Battery voltage
state of charge (SOC) as a percentage and
state of health (SOH) as a percentage of your battery.
cold cranking amps (CCA)
internal resistance (in Ohms)

Cranking voltage

What batteries does it test?

Standard starting, lighting, ignition (SLI) flooded lead acid
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) (flat plate)
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) (spiral wound)
Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)
GEL cell

What’s in the box

The Topdon TB6000PRO comes with a user manual and a ring adapter for marine deep discharge batteries with screw posts

Topdon TB6000PRO

Setting up the unit

1) Download the Topdon app from the Apple or Android store. Then register using your email address. You’ll receive a verification code in your email to complete the registration process.

2) Pair your phone/tablet with the TB6000PRO by clicking the connect button on your phone

Once paired, you’ll see this opening screen

Topdon TB6000PRO opening screen

We’ll start by testing the battery

I clicked on Testing Options, then Battery Test and then entered the battery specs.

Most of you will choose the cold cranking amps battery standard. but the unit comes with other standards as well:

• CCA Cold cranking amps specified by SAE & Battery Council International for starting batteries. CCA is measured at 0°F (-18°C)
• Cranking Amp measured at 32°F (0°C)
• MCA Marine Craning Amps standard measured at 32°F (0°C)
• JIS Japan Industrial Standard displayed as a combination of numbers and letter
• DIN German Auto Industry Committee Standard
• IEC International electrotechnical Commission Standard
• SAE Society of Automotive Engineers Standard
• CB China National Standard

set up battery test

battery test results
Next I tested the charging system

With the cables connected to the battery, the screen guides you through the process.
1) Start the vehicle
2) Turn off all electronics in the vehicle (AC, blower motor, defogger, headlights, etc).
3) With the electrical loads off, the screen tells you to raise engine RPM to 2500 and hold. Then press the CONFIRM button on the screen and release the throttle
4) The screen then tells you to turn on the electronics and press CONFIRM.

Here are the results:

charging voltage
The next test is the cranking voltage test

The screen tells you to turn off all electrical loads, and press CONFIRM when you’re ready to start the vehicle.cranking voltage
Then I used the TB6000PRO to charge a battery

The Topdon TB6000PRO has four automatic charging modes

Max voltage 14.2
Charge flooded lead acid, Gel, Maintenance Free, Calcium, EFB and AGM batteries using a 9-step smart charging routine.

Max voltage 14.2
For small capacity (up to 50Ah) flooded lead acid, Gel, Maintenance Free, Calcium, EFB and AGM batteries using a 9-step smart charging routine.

Max voltage 14.2
To repair old or sulfated batteries through small current and pulse current charging

Max voltage 13.5
Provide an output supply of a constant voltage of 13.5 V and a maximum current of 6A. If the battery is damaged or ER4 error code is reported, you can select this mode to recover battery charging

Or you can set up your own manual charging mode

In addition, it has six quick charging modes

Summary of Rick’s review of the Topdon TB6000PRO battery and charging system tester and charger

• The Topdon TB6000PRO has all the features and setting of a professional tester/charger
• The app makes it incredibly easy to use
• The charger uses very sophisticated algorithms to desulfate/recondition and recharge your battery. (It’s way more than just constant voltage and current).
• You can save the test results on the app so you can compare battery condition over time.
• The battery tester displays the battery’s internal resistance, which is something most testers don’t display. So you can track increasing internal resistance over time to see how your battery is aging.
• One battery charger for all the different battery types. Use it on your marine battery, starting battery or even the most recent AGM and EFB batteries.
• I give it a big thumbs up! BUT read the manual!

NOTE: The TOPDON TB6000PRO has 314 reviews and 87% of them are 5-stars. But like all products on amazon.com, there are some negative reviews.  I’ve read the negative reviews. Based on the complaints, it’s pretty obvious most of those reviewers didn’t read the owner’s manual, didn’t use the proper charging setting, or just don’t understand how a battery works. One reviewer stated that they charged their battery and 3 days later it was down to 70%. They obviously have a vehicle battery drain issue or a dead battery. That’s not the charger’s fault.

Another reviewer stated that the charger doesn’t charge if the battery voltage is below 7-volts. This is a very common issue, especially with AGM batteries. Again, if they had read their manual, they would have known there is a way around this. It’s right there in the manual. Read it.

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