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Spark plugs fouled with oil

Spark plugs fouled with oil

Spark plugs oil fouled, oil in cylinders, excessive oil consumption on Malibu, Cobalt, Alero, Grand Am, Pursuit, Saturn L with

GM has issued a technical service bulleting (TSB) #05-06-01-003C for issues relating to excessive oil consumption, spark plug fouling, and oil in cylinder for the vehicles shown below with the Ecotec 2.2L 4-Cylinder Engine (VINs D, F)

2004-2005 Chevrolet Cavalier, Classic, Malibu
2005 Chevrolet Cobalt
2004 Oldsmobile Alero
2004-2005 Pontiac Grand Am, Sunfire
2005 Pontiac Pursuit (Canada Only)
2004-2005 Saturn L-Series, ION, VUE

If you have excessive oil consumption or blue smoke on acceleration and can’t find any external oil leaks, you may have an improperly sized or plugged PCV valve or a problem the oil baffle in the camshaft cover.

GM recommends removing the cover and checking for heat stake marks where the baffle was welded to the cover. If they’re not visible, you must replace the camshaft cover because it is now out of place and blocking proper airflow and oil mist control. The oil fill tube must also be replaced with the cover.

Next, insert the smooth end of a 5/64-in. drill bit into the PCV orifice. If the bit passes through the orifice, replace the intake manifold—the opening is too large. If the opening is clogged, that’s what’s causing your problem.

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