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Bad turbo symptoms

What are bad turbo symptoms?

A failing turbo provides plenty of advance bad turbo symptoms. Here are the symptoms of a failing or failed turbo:

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Noise is bad turbo symptom #1

The loud noise due to failing/failed bearings

If a turbo bearing is going bad it can make a loud siren-type sound. The siren sound will change with engine speed.

Noise AND vibration are bad turbo symptom #2

The loud noise and vibration are caused by damaged turbine blades

Damaged turbine blades can sound like a cross between a siren and a rumbling sound. A chipped turbine blade will also produce a vibration that varies with engine speed.

Smoke is bad turbo symptom #3

Smoke, lots of it is caused by failed seals

If the oil or coolant seals fail, the turbo can push oil or coolant directly into the intake manifold. That’ll produce lots of smoke. Smoke color can range from white to blue.

Lock of power or acceleration is bad turbo symptom #4

If the turbo isn’t compressing air, you’re losing power

Remember, car makers install turbos to add more air and fuel to the combustion chamber so they can use a smaller engine. If you lose the added air, you also lose that extra power.

Can you drive with a bad turbo?

Not a good idea, especially if the turbine blades are damaged. You can introduce metal particles into the engine and cause further damage. Trust me, call a tow truck. …It’s cheaper than a new engine.

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