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Bend brake line

How to bend brake line

Best brake line bending tools

Skip the wide radius bending tools you find at the auto parts store. They’re

brake line bender

almost worthless because most of the brake line bends are really tight 90° bends. Instead, buy a brake line bending pliers. A bending pliers will bend tight radius bends in your brake line without kinking the line.

In addition to a brake line bending pliers, you should also get a brake line straightening pliers. Here are the tools you need. Lisle Tools and S.U.R.&R make brake line bending pliers. Both are good brands but the S.U.R.&R bending pliers work with several both 3/16″ and 1/4″ lines so they’re a better value. The Lisle pliers are single-sized.

Looking for the very best brake line flaring tool? This is it. Hands down

brake line bending pliers

Bending brake line

Step 1: Always install the brake line fitting onto the line before starting your bend.

Step 2: Slide the brake line into the proper channel and bend in small increments, moving the line as you go.

bending brake line

No problem. I’ll just straighten it out and try again
straightening brake line
Let’s try this again bend a 90° bend in brake line
Flare the line
Install the flare fitting
Grab the line with the bending pliers right at the flare nut
Rotate the pliers to form a 90° bend

Tubing bending pliers

For more information on S.U.R.&R. brake line bender, click here.

For more information on S.U.R.&R. brake line straightener tool, click here.

For more information on Lisle brake tools, click here.

Rick’s note: I’m a big fan of Lisle tools and I’ve used their brake line bending tool. I like it and it does a very good job. But I like the S.U.R.&R. brake line tools better. I found it easier to make a tight bend with the TP14316 and I especially like the straightening tool. Why? If you don’t replace brake lines on a daily basis, trust me, you’re going to make mistakes on your bends. The S.U.R.&R. can save rescue your behind after one of those mistakes. Rather than toss the line and start from scratch, just straighten it.

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