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Headlights flickering

Why do my headlights flicker?

Every manufacturer has their share of problems with daytime running lights and Headlights flickering. Basically the system senses that the vehicle is running and the headlight switch is off. Programmed conclusion? Must be daylight, otherwise the driver would turn on the headlights. Other systems have light sensors. The Chrysler Daytime Running Light system gets screwed up by corrosion in the intelligent power module. Some GM vehicles fail due to a cracked Daytime Running Light resistor (computer provides power to the headlights, but runs it through a resistor to cut down on the headlamp brightness). Still another GM system runs the headlight commands through Daytime Running Lamp Module located behind the left side of the instrument panel. This module contains a diode that has a high failure rate. The module sends a command to the Daytime Running Lamps Relay located in the convenience center (firewall passenger side).

If you have the latter system, remove the relay and insert a jumper wire across the power terminals. See Relay Layout. If that fixes the problem, replace the relay. If it doesn’t, replace the Daytime Running Lamp Module.

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